Enjoy fresh coffee, flavored by our very own Philips Academy students. Each 12-ounce bag of coffee is $15, and you will receive $10 off for every 3 bags you order!


Gingerbread Latte

Sweet and spicy gingerbread flavors, will give you all the cozy feelings. We love to add whipped cream to ours!

Hazelnut Cream

This flavor has a cream and smooth nut-like aroma. Popular with coffee fans, it has an earthy and sweet taste.

Pumpkin Spice

A fall favorite, this coffee will spice up your morning. A combination of the tastiest flavors!

Southern Pecan

This favorite is a buttery flavor of toasted pecans. It has a smooth and nutty flavor for all to enjoy.

White Chocolate Raspberry

Flavor House makes a flavor statement with the mixture of chocolate and raspberries, with a hint of a Nutella flavor.

French Vanilla

We created a sweet flavor of French Vanilla. It has a gentle, but distinct taste. It complements any breakfast.